A Little Bit About Me

‘I believe that every woman deserves the freedom to speak her truth and to live an empowered, wealthy and purposeful life’ – Helen Herfurth

Hello there, let me introduce myself.  I am Helen Herfurth.  I work with soulful women who are ready to get clear on their life purpose and to take control of their financial destiny. I help women to find that often elusive sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance meet. Using a unique combination of tools, I help women who are at a cross roads, to identify their soul gifts and clear ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs so that they can step into their life purpose and enjoy greater levels of financial abundance and empowerment.

As a younger woman, I was successful in the corporate sector for many years doing what I was conditioned to do.  But it left me feeling unfulfilled.

After being raised in a family where the women were not encouraged to shine or to use their voice freely, I wondered if it was possible to do what I truly desired to do.  My heart had been telling me for some time, that to be truly fulfilled, I needed to be going down the path of empowering women to find their voice.

From a very young age, I’d been observing so many women dulling their light in order to fit in with others, as if it were expected of them.  And in some aspects, I dimmed my own light too and suppressed my truth.

Yet, my deepest intuition knew that I was born to be a mentor and coach to women.  Due to my own family history of abuse and suppression, I could empathise with the hurt, the pain, the lack of self-love and the suppression of truth that so many women feel.

After suffering from the disillusionment of living according to every body else’s wishes, I decided to transform my life. I took the courageous leap from my corporate role in 1995 and became a committed certified master practitioner of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programmer, coach and timeline therapist.  I also became a Reiki practitioner, weight loss specialist, a wild at heart facilitator and Australian bush flower essences practitioner. Combined with my intuition, these tools are phenomenally effective at getting results for the women I serve in my coaching business. I feel blessed that my intuition guided me to first learn how to overcome my own limiting beliefs and deeply rooted ancestral patterns of lack, then to start using the tools that I now use in my coaching business.

Something extraordinary started happening when I began working closely with people in a healing capacity. I found that I was blessed with the ability to read people’s lives with uncanny accuracy. My clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient awareness began awakening to new levels. People began to seek readings from me. My unique style of intuitive coaching began to develop. I have spent years perfecting this, and I’m so fortunate to have been able to offer it to support, heal, coach, mentor and inspire many people since.

The miracles and blessings that have been bestowed upon me, since I claimed my life-purpose have been extraordinary. 

A Little More About Me...

I am now a published author and I have made a leap from my successful coaching business in Sydney to the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland.  Here is where I enjoy the soothing sound of the surf rolling in and out constantly as a backdrop to my beachside home.  Honestly, I am still in awe of this beautiful landscape with the Pacific Ocean as my back yard.

Finding my own unique voice has led me to start a global movement of change for women.

My tool kit is a potent combination with my open heart.  I facilitate your transformation, inspire, empower, support and nurture your greatness and create a space where you are safe and warmed by the wings of angels. When you book in for a session with me, you will receive professional intuitive soul purpose coaching supported by a combination of tools which include hypnosis, NLP and bush flower essences, to make potent and rapid changes to your life.

My methods work perfectly for anyone who is seeking to make quantum shifts in their money mindset, gain clarity on their life purpose and to remove the blocks in order to take rapid, aligned action in the direction of their greatest life.

I invite you to book in for a discovery chat with me today.

I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world – Malala


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My Certifications:


  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Master NLP Coach

  • Certified Master NLP Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner

  • Certified Weight Loss Specialist

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Wild at Heart Facilitator

  • Australia Bush Flower Essences Practitioner

  • Mentor to young pregnant women


"I have found Helen to be a great support.

She always seems to know what to say to put a smile on my face.

Helen is great she knows what to say to give you a lift.

Thank you for everything Helen."


Alison Lennon - Ireland