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"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same"

~Anne Frank.

You have one life.  Ask yourself, "How do I want to spend it?"

Apologising, questioning, hating yourself, dieting, focusing on people who don't see your true val...

Have you been careful to do things the 'right way'?

Have you worried about disobeying your parents?

have you struggled with indecision?

Have you made choices based on what you were supposed to do?

If you've said 'yes' to any of these, know that you're not alone.  Many...

As woman, many of us have learned to suppress our true identities. Our wants, our needs, and our desires are pushed aside so that we can tend to others’ wants, needs, and desires. We were taught to be selfless. We were raised to be mothers, carers, and givers befor...

Boundaries have come to be utilised as tools for marking territories and enabling restrictions in the discussion of a subject-matter for, the purpose of clarity as well as precision. Such definite set limits, which are synonymous to scope, pave way for better compr...

In most living organisms lie an inclination to reach higher forms of existence, and this is evident in their different strategic responses to stimuli in their environment. For some, such organic desire propels them to more intentionally plan toward maximising the p...

Stability is one of the major cravings in the human space. It is reflective in the concerted efforts of governments, corporate organisations, associations, religious bodies, security agencies, and what have you, to sustain their existence. Considering the fact that...

As there are different human faces, so are we naturally different. This distinctness is indicative not only in our biological and chemical components like finger print,  (DNA), but also in personality, attitude, interest, and even natural aptitude. Most times, by v...

The predisposition of humans as social beings has somewhat made it a difficulty for most of us to isolate ourselves from others for the right reasons. This is seen in the craving to roll with the majority or crowd and gain a nod of approval from either friends or r...

“Wow! You are looking good and seem ready to pepper them. Carry on babe,” Jade complimented a friend who opened the office door of where she and I were in to check on a lecturer, thus interrupting our ongoing interesting chat. Taken aback by the use of that word “p...

Humans are one of the most complex creatures on earth, for reasons related to the spontaneity and somewhat unpredictability of their being. Even with the tremendous advancement in scientific disciplines like biology, first-hand psychology, and sociology, the human...

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