My Book Contribution

Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships

When I was invited by Sarah Prout to write my story, it was said that I have much more to say, and it needs to be shared with others.


I was surprised by this invitation and thought, what story would I have to share, and who would be interested?


We are unique souls, and we all do have a story to tell, I realise that now.


With 33 other beautiful souls, I was offered to contribute a chapter in the Adventures in Manifesting Series: Soulful Relationships.


It was both an honour and cathartic for me, to write about the struggles throughout my childhood, and to be able to understand, not to have shame nor guilt attached any longer.


Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships series gave us an opportunity to share our individual and amazing journeys intimately with you.

About the Book...

Open your heart and take yourself on a journey through the exquisite landscape of love.


With contributions from over 33 authors, thought-leaders and visionaries, you will adore seeing how soulful relationships have Divinely manifested in the hearts and minds of others.


Whether you wish to meet your soul mate, understand why you attracted certain people into your life, need to heal emotional pain, or want to learn how to connect on a deep soul level with your higher self, then this book will illuminate your way.


You will witness how others bravely followed their hearts and busted them wide open to allow LOVE to manifest through amazingly powerful lessons.


Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships will take you through a one of a kind journey to discovering your heart's alignment, creating inner-peace, and bringing consciousness to the soulful relationships that are manifesting in your life.

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