Ready To Discover Happiness?


Find Your Soul Purpose – to live your life authentically

Would you like to add a bit more fun and passion to your life?

Do you feel like you have suppressed who you really are?

Do you feel like it’s time to live that extraordinary life you deserve?


We are all on this earth to achieve amazing things but unfortunately most of us are taught and conditioned to play small and not stand out.

This program is for women who have a desire to live life with a purpose, passion, fulfilment and happiness. For years you’ve been looking after everyone else, keeping everyone else happy. Now it is time to look after yourself.

Take back control of your life, inspire and be fulfilled every day.  Because you matter!


Details of exclusive program:

  • 1 x 20 minute FREE discovery call prior to sign up

  • Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire

  • A tailored personalised program designed for you, as one size, certainly does not fit all

  • 7 x 1hr weekly sessions via Skype, (or if local to me on the Gold Coast, we can certainly meet in person over coffee)

  • Manual/workbook and resources supplied

  • Email support between sessions


Investment: $895 upfront or, 3 monthly payments of $320


Soul Session
  • A 20 minute FREE discovery call

  • Pre-session questionnaire

  • Clear understanding on what’s holding you back

  • Identify your gifts

  • Tailored personal program with practical steps

  • Resources and recommendations

90 minute session via phone or Skype: investment $199

Find Your Soul Purpose – to live your life authentically

Can you imagine waking up full of joy, energy, and enthusiasm?

It’s possible No Matter where you are now.

Even if you’re in emotional pain, are at the crossroads of life and unable to clearly article your hearts desires.

Even if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or even disconnected.

Even if you’re struggling with stress, anxiety and feel you don’t have a voice to speak your truth.

I know how it feels to long for a life of passion, purpose and energy.

I’ve been there, I can help.

I’ve tapped into my power and inner wisdom and created a life that I’ve fallen madly in love with.  It absolutely is possible, and nothing would make me happier than to help you find your life-purpose and for you to do the same for yourself.

You can find and live your passion every day.

If you are at the crossroads, and not clear on your purpose, your energy and body will be out of alignment because you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Your health is directly connected to how in alignment your life is with your truth, your joy, your soul.  Your body is communicating with you.

Are you ready to make that change?

Heading 2

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in our fears”
~Les Brown.

Today I will help you get one step closer to living your life on purpose, the life you deserve.


Here are few steps to start living the life you deserve:

  1. Embrace change

Your life maybe overdue for a change.Can you stop resisting and take the plunge?

We naturally resist change, even when our current circumstances are less than ideal, life does throw us curved balls.

Fear is the great and powerful obstacle here.Fear of the unknown of losing something or someone important to us; of things not working out the way we envisage, fear of failure-success. Fear of letting your star shine brightly. Fear of voicing your concerns. These are all common barriers.

When we are dissatisfied with something in life we tend to focus on the negative instead of what we most desire.

You will notice that when this cycle of negativity is in place it breeds and attracts more negativity. “Good” things seem to be far and few between.

This is nature’s way of pushing us closer to a necessary change.

It is time to make critical change in your personal life, time to tip the scales on your fear even if your focus on the negative has been going on for weeks, months or even years!

Consider and address your fear of change by discussing it with someone who is not directly impacted by your situation such as a qualified therapist like myself who will use NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy to tip the scales on your fear.


  2. Have you spent the last 20 years or so loving all but yourself?

Have you forgotten the amazing gifts you have within you once used in abundance?

“Realise that You ARE amazing, As You Are, Stronger than you know my friend”

Have you been saying YES to every request that comes your way?

Have you lived your life by others demands?

Trying to do everything by yourself.

Feeling bad because you don’t know the answer to a problem.

Being nice to the point of self-harm.

So, the question is:


  •  If you are living for others’ approval, how can you focus on doing good work, be an amazing friend, or community member?


  • Learn to say “NO”.  Make a list of the number of times you say “yes” during the week. If you suffer from the need-to-please disease the number of times you say yes, in one week might be shocking to you.


Learning to say ‘NO” is hard. It gets better saying no, as you continue to grow, which is exciting!

I would like to invite you to join my exclusive 7 week programme of:

Find Your Soul Purpose – to live your life authentically

Results You Can Expect from Working with Me.


  • Deeper connection to your inner wisdom

  • Clear limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns, so you can step into your life purpose

  • Increased self-trust and confidence

  • Clarity about who you are and what you truly want to create – your soul purpose

  • More energy to get things done

  • Ability to use your voice, confidently

  • Effective and practical techniques and tools you can use on your own

  • Support to create a life, body, and a career that aligns with your true self

  • Strategies to overcome your obstacles


What I’d love to help you with


Assist you to find that elusive sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance meet.

Assist you to identify your soul gifts.

Clear ancestral and limiting belief patterns around abundance. The past is over, but it is still part of your story.

Stop struggling.

Discover who you are and how to really be yourself and live your life with passion and abundance.

I will teach you to build trust with yourself – to say YES to being in your essence in all areas of your life.

To celebrate your power, your passion, your commitment.

To use your voice confidently.

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"With Helen's guidance and support she helped me break away from a familiar

but toxic routine of life to leave everything behind to travel Australia with my family.

It was the best experience for us as a family on all levels.

All thanks to this wonderfully caring soul Helen Herfurth."


Katrina Gare - Gold Coast 

"Helen is a dynamic, caring, compassionate practitioner.

She's open honest and loving.

Highly recommended her.

Love and success to you."


Sandra Robinson - Townsville